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The development of the gardens has been an important project for the owners of the Aghia Irini Villas.  The last twelve years has seen  tremendous progress from mainly local garrigue to lush gardens with exotic plants and native Mediterranean species.

From the native garrigue through the Mediterranean species to the exotic plants the gardens provide a natural habitat for the local widlife - birds, butterflies, lizards, etc.  

The development of the gardens is dynamic and many changes will be seen from one year to the next.  Down by the sea with its special microclimate there are the exotic species.  Aghia Irini Villas boasts one of the largest collections of Plumerias (frangipani) in Greece.

As we move away from the sea we come to an area of native garrigue before arriving at the Mediterranean garden.  This area is planted with mainly, but not exclusively, Mediterranean species.

Take a look at the gallery of photographs and see if you agree with our aims.

If you want to know more about gardening in the Mediterranean why not  take a look at the Mediterranean Garden Society website.

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